10x17ft Zero Gravity Rectangle Trampoline

Our 10 x 17 Rectangle Trampoline is built for safety and longevity. The frame is designed to not only have a fantastic bounce in the center but to also improve the bounce from side to side. Our frame combined with our USA TenCate™ Permatron© Woven Polypropylene mat and high-quality springs makes this 10 x 17 Rectangle Trampoline have the best bounce.

A high-quality UV resistant, water-resistant safety padding along with a high-quality UV resistant net construction keeps your kids safe. Because the safety net is a major component for the safety of your kids we use only high quality, durable, and strong polypropylene material on our nets that will withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The Net posts have a thick foam pad that is covered with a Forest Green PVC Sleeves. These sleeves protect the thick foam from deterioration due to exposure to the sun.

Our jumping mats use TenCate™ Permatron©. TenCate™ Permatron© is a consistent, high-quality fabric with a smooth surface that adds extra comfort for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Made of polypropylene and loaded with carbon, this woven fabric has high tensile strength, excellent UV protection and is resistant to mold and water. The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress. Due to its durability and strength, TenCate™ Permatron© trampoline fabric performs in the harshest environmental conditions.

Our high-quality safety pads are designed and carefully made with safety, durability, and long life in mind. Our high-quality pads put protection over the frame and springs where you need it the most and are also very water-resistant.

Our 10×17 trampoline frame is made from high-quality 60×2.5mm double hot-dipped galvanized steel and provides a very sturdy base for the springs and jumping mat, giving the user a more responsive bounce.