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Why Beyond Backyards Wooden Swing Sets?

  • We Never Sacrifice on Quality! – The quality of our wooden swing sets satisfy the highest standards. In addition, we’ll help you configure a customized layout to fit your outdoor living space perfectly…
  • Outside Fun For The Entire Family! – Not only will it bring joy to your heart watching your children run and jump and shout, but our materials are strong enough to hold you too! Also, our shade structures and basketball hoops turn your yard into the ultimate place for kids and adults alike. Get the entire family outside – moving, talking, and enjoying the fresh summer air…
  • No-Pressure, No Hassle Staff! – We don’t just let anyone sell or install our playsets, and we’re here to educate you – not pressure you! Expect a low-key, professional, and personalized experience each and every time…
  • Old-fashioned American Values – We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and community. You can count on professional sales and installation personnel that don’t compromise on truth and speedy, thorough setup from out dedicated and friendly team…

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Safe and Sustainable Materials

Mass swingset retailers use low-quality lumber from abroad, but Tree Frogs has developed a stellar reputation and rave reviews by manufacturing our own line of swingsets out of the finest woods available. We use 100% Premium Cedar and Redwood from certified mills with sustainable forestry practices. These woods are naturally beautiful and dimensionally stable, and their natural resistance to insects and decay means no toxic chemicals!

Our swingsets are well-constructed, with no dangerous metal protrusions, and are even strong enough to support heavy adults. Your strong, beautiful playset will last for years outdoors and hold a special place in your kid’s memories for life.

Product Experts

We’re here to educate you, not pressure you! Our knowledgeable service reps value honesty and service above all else and are well-trained to imagine how our product lines fit into your life at home! All sets are all fully-customizable, and our experts will help you sort through an array of layout options to personalize one for your family’s unique needs, designing a quality structure that promotes a nice-looking space and doesn’t detract from your yard aesthetically.

We’ll even help you build and “mature” your playset as your child grows…

Professional Installation and service

We go beyond what bigger retailers can offer by providing installation and on-going maintenance, and we value these first-class services as much as we value the quality of our products. Our installation team will advise you on the best position and placement in your yard and micromanage the small setup details that count, ensuring every component is level and straight as an arrow before leaving you to your fun. Other services includes pressure washing, restaining, and hardware tightening.

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