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Not only are we committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship in the industry, but we’re also committed to service based on old fashioned American values like honesty, integrity, family, and fun. These values are the priceless “extra” ingrained into the very woodwork of the Tree Frogs playset that ends up a part of your home. From a no-pressure sales team that doesn’t compromise on truth, to installation experts who carefully gauge every centimeter, we’re here to serve you by ensuring this new addition to your home and family serves its role for decades to come.

Full Service Fun Experts

Our goal? Make every step in the process a breeze so you can walk away satisfied until your children are grown and gone, and maybe even when the grandkids come knocking on your door to play. That type of experience requires a lot more than smiling big and telling you what you want to hear.

So, when we say we our employees are “Fun Experts,” we mean we take recreation VERY seriously. Each member of our staff is educated to show you how to get the most out of our huge inventory of options and fun accessories. Each one of us is here to answer all your questions, help you personalize your playset for your family’s unique needs, and advise you on maintenance and setup.

Yard Measurement

Unsure about how to choose the best, safest spot in your yard? Worried about possible hazards – like exposed concrete footings, AC units, rocks, or buried electrical lines? Have questions about a sloping/uneven yard?

If you live within our delivery areas, one of our reps can stop by, measure your space for accuracy, and personally look into any issues that might affect a safe install. Let’s find the most desirable spot in your yard to make the magic happen!

Maintenance and Refinishing

Like any structure on your property, finely-crafted swingsets require some basic maintenance. This also includes inspecting play equipment, ground coverings, and the play area for hazards on a regular basis.

Of course, we provide regular maintenance guidelines, and you can call us any time… but why not just have us do the work? We know exactly what to look for, and then you can be sure nothing gets put off for “later.”

Installation and Moves

We offer professional installation for every product you get from our store. Our installers are well-trained on our products and never compromise on safety; they can also advise you on the best position and placement in your yard, for both form and function, and will ensure every component is level and straight as an arrow before leaving you to your fun.

No mess. No hassle. On time, every time.

Add Ons

Our playsets are modular and expandable so that they can grow with your children. Add ons bring new excitement and challenges. Contact one of our Fun Experts to discuss add ons for your playset.

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