Shades Canopies Designs

Protect your customers, employees, or kids with our residential and commercial shade structures, sails, and canopies, which can block 98% of UV rays and bring the air temperature down 10 to 15 degrees to create a more comfortable outdoor space. These shade canopies are made from mesh shade cloth, which holds some real advantages over traditional waterproof fabrics; they breathe better, they are cooler, they are easier to clean, and they last longer.

Check out the different options below and get in touch – our expert staff is standing by to help you pick the perfect canopy for your yard.


shades canopies cantilever


shades canopies hiproof

Hip Roof

shades canopies hypersail

Hyper Sail

Triangular Sail

Triangular Sail

shades canopies pyramid


LG Umbrella


shades canopies tbar




Custom Shade Structures

Many people choose fabric shade canopies over metal structures because of the beautiful design options available. You don’t just want a place to hide from the sun; you want an outdoor room that complements your business décor or home landscaping efforts. That’s why we constantly come up with new designs for diverse array of uses.

See below for our latest and most stylish outdoor creations!


custom shade structures bleacher shade designs

Bleacher Shade Designs

custom shade structures custom shade designs

Custom Shade Designs

custom shade structures hip sail designs

Hip & Sail Designs

custom shade structures hypar sail designs

Hypar Sail Design

custom shade structures kite designs

Kite Design

custom shade structures large sail designs

Large Sail Designs

custom shade structures sailhip combo designs

Sail & Hip Combo Designs

custom shade structures swing shade combo designs

Swing & Shade Combo Designs



Fabric Options

We use a world-class, innovative fabric designed for extreme strength, stability, and protection from heat and sunburn. Millions of tiny spaces woven into the shade cloth allow air to pass freely, creating a “breathing” effect that keeps the temperature under the canopy 15 degrees cooler and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. Choose from the dazzling colors below to bring your structure’s character to life!


shade canopy aquatic blue

Aquatic Blue

shade canopy brunswick green

Brunswick Green

shade canopy desert sand

Desert Sand

shade canopy natural


shade canopy ochre red

Ochre Red

shade canopy skyblue

Sky Blue

shade canopy steel grey

Steel Grey

shade canopy turquiose


shade canopy yellow




Post Options

Match or contrast your shade structure with the posts of your choice to get just the right color scheme. Add post padding as an additional safety feature on canopies used for sporting events or to cover Tree Frogs playsets.


Shelter Post Option Black


Shelter Post Option White


Shelter Post Option Silver


Shelter Post Option Tan


Shelter Post Option Brown


Shelter Post Option Red


Shelter Post Option Orange


post option yellow


Shelter Post Option Green


Shelter Post Option Teal


Shade Post Option Blue


Shade Post Option Burgundy


Shade Post Option Purple


Shade Post Option Postpad

Post Pad


Umbrella Shades

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