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Commercial Playgrounds

Designing a new space for fun and adventure in your place of business, school, or community? We don’t just bring dreams alive at home – we also sell heavy-duty playground equipment designed to stand the wear and tear of the masses.

Our commercial playground equipment is designed by the engineering team at Adventure Playground Systems, a company that believes the world’s play areas should be interactive social and learning centers where children can develop skills in motor, cognitive, and imaginative functioning.

These are the types of benefits that last a lifetime. And you can provide them for your own community through a wide range of fully-customizable, aesthetically clean, and clamp-free play structures. Explore below.


Play Systems

Choose from Adventure’s flagship designs, budget-conscious equipment, or even playsets for the 2-7 bunch. We’ve got something for everyone!

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Swing Systems

Swingsets are an age-old classic in any big playground. Choose from 5 commercial quality designs, available with up to 4 Bays.

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Adventure Kids

Nothing builds healthy limbs like a hard climb. Encourage future mountaineers with our safety-oriented jungle gyms.

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Site Amenities

Make your playground more “livable” with durable and aesthetic benches, bike racks, trash cans, and picnic tables.

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Fitness Equipment

Bring out the true potential of outdoor play with formal fitness equipment and stations for sit ups, leg lifts, pull-ups, or vaulting.

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Sports Equipment

Create a true recreational center with venues for soccer or basketball, or even more unique games like Frisbee golf and tether ball.

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Stand Alone Structures

Working with a cramped space? Our standalone outdoor play structures provide huge fun in small and unique spaces.

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Panel Activity Options

A variety of panels you can mix and match to create a 100% customized play structure with climbers, slides, bridges, crawl tubes, and more.

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Play Additions

Add character with a timeless teeter totter, or send the local kids on an imaginary airplane, motorcycle, or zebra ride!

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Early Childhood

Provide smaller kids with playsets and other products built to size – playhouses, fun centers, sandboxes, mushroom houses, and more.

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Accessories like tire swings, commercial infant buckets, belt swings, trapeze rings, and climbing holds to fill your special needs.

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Splash Pads

Order customizable, 100% turn-key aquatic playground products to create an innovative adventure perfect for warmer climes.

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