Vuly Thunder Pro – Large


This is a spring free trampoline

Local Installation $399.00

$2,599.00 $1,999.00


Experience an incomparable bounce with no contact zones or coil springs in the Thunder Pro, Vuly’s flagship trampoline. The Thunder Pro concentrates on safety and performance with a durable, yet gentle Terylene enclosure and Leaf Springs technology that eliminates the need for safety pads. The super fine netting is tear-resistant and features easy, self-closing access allowing the bouncer to collide with the wall while remaining safe. The world’s tallest safety netting protects fingers and toes and the poles are kept on the outside of the enclosure instead of dangerously on the inside like ordinary trampolines. Vuly’s dual ring frame and poles are double-galvanized for weather and rust resistance and feature an exclusive, black matte frame treatment. The Leaf Springs on the Thunder Pro create a perfectly upright bounce every time that doesn’t twist and strain knees making it always safe to land on. While other springless trampolines are certified for less than 260 pounds, the Thunder Pro’s weight capacity is 330 pounds. Available only in large, and is the only choice for trampolining at its finest.

This trampoline is new in a box and we only have one of these items to sell. Call now. 972-506-9950