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    Vuly Thunder Large

    Vuly Thunder Large

    Product Summary

    Regular Price: $2,199
    Sale Price: 1699.00
    Current Location: Dallas store location
    Installation Cost: $349.00 local installation

    ONLY TWO AT THIS PRICE NEW IN A BOX The most incredible bounce in the world is here! The revolutionary Vuly 10.5 Ft. Large Thunder Trampoline is the safest way to unleash your inner trampolinist! No one will ever touch the springs on a Vuly Thunder Trampoline, because there are none! Vuly's specially engineered Leaf Spring Technology provides the highest and most secure bouncing experience with the tallest and most supportive enclosure to match. Its "Goldilocks" safety enclosure is named so because its balance of supportiveness and gentleness is just right. Made of tightly-woven Silk Terylene, the safety net is designed to absorb the impact of your bounce and ensures you always come in for a safe landing. The Thunder's high-quality frame is free of nuts and bolts and is comprised of only 6 pieces for quick and easy assembly. Resistant to rust, scratches and cracks, Thunder's frame will last a lifetime in tip-top condition. And its unique shape gives you more power in every bounce. Your children will have fun playing games like trampoline twister and follow the leader with HexVex printed on the mat. Discover the world's strongest and safest trampoline with the Vuly Large (10.5ft) Thunder Trampoline!

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